Renewing Your Mind

Hello friends and family! I am going to update you on what happened in my ministry for the month of September! We are still continuing our small groups, and one on one bible studies! I have the privilege to meet with  I have the privilege to meet with six girls consistently to study scripture with them and minister to them. I get to watch them be transformed by God week after week.  It is such a pleasure and their willingness to learn and eagerness to grow in their faith, ministers to me on a daily basis. I wanted to spend this blog writing about ways that I have seen God work in the lives of these young women.  Hopefully this ministers to you in some way and shows a clear picture of how your partnership goes to advancing the kingdom of God on the college campuses!  

Ways that I have seen God work in the lives of the girls that I met with!

  • Several of the girls that I meet with have boyfriends and I have seen them think through how to date in a way that puts Jesus in the center of their relationships.  Some of them have had to make some big changes in the way that they date but are learning to become dedicated to serving their significant other well in their relationships.  

  • I have seen an incredibly shy girl come out of her comfort zone and reach out to her fellow students and initiate relationships with them.  Her obedience to God in following the great commission (Matt. 28: 16-20) is becoming more important to her than her comfort. 

  • A girl that I study the bible with is very stubborn by nature.  Historically, she hasn’t been very open to change and does not take helpful corrections very well.  This year though, she realizes that she needs to be more open minded to hear how God wants to renew her mind.  She has been very open and was quick to apologize in a disagreement she had with a friend.  This is big steps for her!  

  • A lot of the girls struggle with deep insecurities of not being good enough, being too sinful for God's grace and have deep body image issues.  Though I have seen two girls slowly see the difference of how they see themselves vs. how God sees them.  They are more confident and secure, which is helping them become better ministers.    

  • A girl I met with has a family who is not Christian and does not really approve of her beliefs and it has caused some disagreements among them.  I have seen her choose God over her family, and in great humility try to show them God’s love along the way.

I love watching these girls lean on Jesus and getting to point them back to Him when things come up in their lives.  I cannot wait to see how they grow and let God transform them by the end of the year and update you on that.  I think they are going to do big things for the kingdom in their owns lives!

Ways to Pray

  • For the upcoming election, we are trying to help our young students think through politics as a disciple.  Pray for guidance and discernment as we do that.  

  • Our outreach efforts.  With being more isolated it is harder to find students on campus.  Be praying that we continue to think of creative ways to outreach in order to offer community to as many students as possible

  • Pray for our students and staff, that we boldly go and spread the gospel and good news to our campuses. 

  • Pray for my husband Jason.  Due to COVID and the economic hardships that it is bringing he lost his job.  Pray for a new opportunity and for us to be content in all situations. 

With much love and gratitude, 

Erin :)


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