New School Year

 Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well and staying happy and healthy!  As the new school year is approaching just next week, I was reflecting on how unordinary the summer has been.  There were very few in person events, no cookouts, pool parties or vacations.  With that in mind, as the new semester is starting I know it is going to be anything but normal, though I am excited to see how our ministry is going to grow and change because of it.  I have noticed the past couple of years that there is a lack of intimacy in a lot of friendships.  As a minister now, I hear confessions and problems of girls all the time and usually I am the first person they have ever told.  Most of time, the problems they are having are quite normal and things most people there age go through, like insecurities, doubts in their faith, boys (this is a big one!) or anxieties about not knowing what they want to do after college.  I encourage them to talk to their friends about it and it usually takes awhile for them to do that.  I don't think people naturally want to be known.  Though through this time I have seen now more than ever a desire to be known and loved.  While we are socially distanced and seeing each other less the friendships amongst our students and staff have been getting closer and deeper.  People are realizing that they need others and do not take that for granted as much.  This makes me very excited for this upcoming semester.  

At the beginning of the year our ministry holds a lot of events to get to know other students.  Cookouts, movie nights, packed out worship nights, and countless other things we think college students would like, usually regarding giving away free stuff.  This year we basically can't do any of those things.  The odds may look like they are stacked against us in growing our ministry this year, but I believe people will want to come and join more than ever before.  They are missing connection, people to talk to and maybe have more questions about God now in midst of this unprecedented time.  We will get to be there for those young students and invite them into a close, intimate group.  There is a real need for hope and friends on the campuses this year and I am honored to get to be used by God in these times.  

What's Ahead

Next week the students will be back at school and we will be in full swing, spending most of our days masked up and on the campus trying to meet and befriend people.  Instead of planned events me and the other ministers are going to go up to the campus and hold up a sign saying, "I'm a Christian minister, if you would like to talk I am here for you."  Or something to that effect.  We will find students sitting by themselves and try and talk to them.  We also will spend more energy advertising online and through social media than ever before for the people who may not be taking in person classes.  We will have our gender specific small groups or "cores" starting next week, with a maximum of 6 in an outdoor location, socially distanced of course. The staff and students leaders will make a point to, to study the bible with each of our new students one on one, so everyone will get personal attention.  Please be praying for us as the next couple weeks are usually very long days as we try to meet students.  

Corefa prep 

Lastly I wanted to update you guys on our corefa prep weekend.  "Corefas" are our core facilitators, or small group leaders.  We have 7 guys and 11 girls commiting to lead small group this year so we spent the weekend at our director Garrett's backyard teaching them how lead and tried to set them up for success during such a different year.  It is so encouraging to see how ready they are to serve their campuses and how eager they are to get to meet new friends.  These students have such care for others and I am excited to see what God will do through them this year.  I get to co lead two small groups.  One with Olivia and one with Claire.  Both of these young ladies and are fantastic, and I am lucky to have them!  

A picture from our corefa prep day.  So refreshing to be with all!

Thank you everyone for your support in campus missions!  As I said before, I truly believe that God is going to work in some big and unexpected ways this year and we get to be apart of it.  As always if there is anything I could do for you or ways that I could pray for you please let me know! :)

With love, 

Erin Cavanaugh

P.S Next month I will try to have more pictures!  I always forget to take them!


  1. I’m so excited to see what this year of uncertainty brings.Love you guys and praying for you always!


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