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Embracing Change

Hello Friends and Family!  
I hope that the summer is treating you well! As the summer has been going by, I have spent a large part of my work week fundraising and preparing for the next school year.  I have quite a few new ministry partners, so for some of you this is the first post that you are reading.  Welcome and thank you!! I write a blog post to you about once a month to keep you updated on our ministry and what God is doing on the campuses throughout the year! For those of you who have been on my support team last year and continuing, thank you for choosing to stay with me and believing in what we do on the campus.  Here is the highlights of my last month!
Changes  I think one of the many reasons that I like campus ministry so much was the consistency.  We had a very specific model of ministry. For the last seven years I have served this ministry as a leader in some capacity, so I always have been very involved in all the events and meetings that are put on.  Every monday night y…

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