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Final Blog!

 Hello Everyone,  I hope the spring is treating you well! Its been a while since my last update and I have a lot to fill you guys in on!  Let me start with a personal one.  You may remember that after my apprenticeship last year I committed to being on FOCUS staff through the end of May 2021.  As that date is approaching, through prayer and conversations, I have come to the conclusion that it is best for me to make a career change and end my employment with FOCUS at the end of May.  So by May 31st I will have transitioned off of FOCUS staff.  Both my supervisor and I are very optimistic and feel like this is the best next step for me personally and for my career.  I am leaving on great terms and can't wait to support FOCUS and to continue the great relationships I have made in my time in the ministry, both as a student and staff member.  I am still trying to figure out exactly what is next for me but I am very excited to take the things that I have learned about ministry into my fu

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