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Renewing Your Mind

Hello friends and family! I am going to update you on what happened in my ministry for the month of September! We are still continuing our small groups, and one on one bible studies! I have the privilege to meet with  I have the privilege to meet with six girls consistently to study scripture with them and minister to them. I get to watch them be transformed by God week after week.  It is such a pleasure and their willingness to learn and eagerness to grow in their faith, ministers to me on a daily basis. I wanted to spend this blog writing about ways that I have seen God work in the lives of these young women.  Hopefully this ministers to you in some way and shows a clear picture of how your partnership goes to advancing the kingdom of God on the college campuses!  
Ways that I have seen God work in the lives of the girls that I met with!
Several of the girls that I meet with have boyfriends and I have seen them think through how to date in a way that puts Jesus in the center of their …

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