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Happy New Year!

Hey friends and family! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  I'm sure that the holidays probably looked a little different for a lot of you, but I hope you were able to find joy in this season. For me, the holidays were spent with my immediate family.  I found joy through getting to see my sweet little nephews open their gifts and be so excited and thankful for their new toys, sharing laughs with my family, watching Hamilton (for the first time!) with girls in my small group, catching up with old friends and getting to spend extra time with my husband.  This was a sweet break and I am eagerly awaiting a new semester to start at Collin!   One of our students and good friend of mine, Addie, helping me get in the  Christmas spirit with an Elvis Presley cassette tape.  The new semester doesn’t start back until late January, but our staff got back to work after New Years Day. Our first assignment was to read a book called, “Money and Power.”  It was a book exploring how a dis

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