Summer's Here!!

Happy Summer Everyone, 

Campus ministry has been quite different recently given with the pandemic.  Normally, the end of the year is filled with parties, celebrations for the seniors and exciting events.  We are a sentimental bunch here in FOCUS, so it wouldn't be the end of the year if there wasn't at least three different parties!  While it had to look different and we had to celebrate via zoom or some kind of socially distance way, it proved to be just as meaningful! Campus ministry really hasn't skipped a beat!  Students and staff are finding very creative ways to be together, still minister to one another and do fun activities.  At the end of the year I am incredibly grateful for this community who will work hard to stay involved with each other!

This is not a very good quality picture, but it is of a socially distance
graduation ceremony that one of the staff members put
on to honor our seniors!!


As a lot of you already know I finished my 10 month apprenticeship and am now transitioning to full time staff!  As an apprentice I got to spend half time on campus reaching out to students, studying the bible with them, helping plan different large group and outreach events and leading a small group weekly.  The other half of my work week went into classes taught by our staff and with different audios from Regent College.  We read the entire bible, learned about eschatology, worship, preaching, strategic leadership, ministry essentials and much more.  Now that I am on staff I will to spending most of my work week mentoring students and less in classes.  I am excited to take what I have learned and apply it to my ministry next year!  Also, as most of you know, I am now working at Collin College now! I have already loved to get to know the staff and students at Collin.  They are making this transition easy!! 
This is the small group that I got to lead at UTD
already miss them soooo much!

The 2019-2020 apprentices before the pandemic! They became
some of my closest friends!

The apprentices and I in one of our last classes via zoom!
A pandemic won't keep us from learning!

Summer Schedule

Now that the students are home for summer break are schedules do change a bit in the summer.  I will spend a lot of time in Collin staff meetings planning for next year's events, fundraising, in a book club, in summer focus (our large group service) and getting to build relationships with Collin staff and students.  I am looking forward to moving to a bit of a slower pace as summer also allows for us to spend some time resting and bonding with our team before the hustle of welcome week and the fall semester starts.  I am looking forward to building relationships and planning for the next school year.  I will have a lot to update you on in those areas next month!  

Here's another picture with terrible quality! This is me
and three other women who are on Collin Staff.
We had a socially distance afternoon at the lake to bond and get to know one
another! Already love them so much!

Thank You!

As always without you guys I would not be able to do this job.  I am so thankful for people like you who believe in this mission and want to help make and mature disciples on college campuses!  I am currently fundraising and need about 850 more dollars a month to meet my necessary expenses for my salary next year.  I know God will provide it, as He has already blessed me so much in this fundraising season! If you know anyone who would be encouraged to hear about this mission or would want to join my support team please let me know!  

Way To Pray

  • For the staff as they plan for next year.  Pray for guidance from God in that
  • For fundraising, that we are not anxious or worried and are reminded that God will provide
  • For our nation, pray for comfort as many devastating events have happened this year. 

Until next month, 
Erin Cavanaugh

P.S. this next month I will try to work on my camera skills for the next blog! :)


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