Looking into the Future

Hey friends and family! This month has been a very busy and has come with a lot of updates for me personally and with the ministry!  I am excited that I get to share these things with you! This month came with a lot of events and personal growth.  It honestly was a bit overwhelming at times but ministry has been such growing experience for me! I got to learn how to be a better friend to people, how to better trust in God and find true peace and rest in Him.  I am very thankful for this past month!  Here are some updates.

Pizza Theology!

FOCUS puts on an event every semester we do something called pizza theology where we have a guest speaker come in and teach our community about theology and then we have a break for pizza.  t is always very informative.  This semester we had a guest speak named Dr. Mary Poplin.  She is incredible.  She got to work with Mother Teresa and has written many books including Finding Calcutta which is one of my favorites.  It really felt like a celebrate came to our FOCUS community.  Her topic was titled "Is Reality Secular."  She explained different world views and helped us think through how to live like a Christian in a secular world.  We learned so much and still are having conversations about it. 

I talk about my core (small group) some in these blogs but I wanted to show a picture and introduce them! These are the girls that I invest in the most.  They are a joy to spend time with and inspire me with the way they serve God in their college years.  Here is a picture of them!

Preaching Lab!

My last bit of exciting news was that I got to preach my first sermon!!! I am not used to public speaking so it was a challenge, but it went so great and was so fun to prepare!  I got to preach a sermon over psalm 93 which is all about God's reign and power.  I got to preach about how I have seen Gods reign and power in my life, it was a great first topic to preach on.  It was also fun because I got to here several of the other apprentices give there first sermons as well!

All of the apprentices who gave their first sermons!

Keep Focus Growing!  

Every year FOCUS does a fundraiser that helps us raise the funds we need to keep focus growing on other college campuses.  The long term vision of FOCUS is to have a ministry on every college campus in the DFW area.  There are still so many campuses and students to reach and practically we need money to do that.  We will be taking donations until December 3rd and generous donors have agreed to much up to 36,000 dollars.  So every dollar given up to 36,000 dollars will to doubled, we could potentially make 72,000 dollars, which is so exciting for the future of FOCUS.  This ministry has changed countless lives and has brought the gospel to college campuses and students for the past 20 years and this is a community I want around when my future children are in college!  Please pray and consider giving to this cause so we can keep our ministry and vision alive!

Thank you for your investment in this ministry! God is doing great things in our staff and students!

Here are ways you can pray!
  • For the students as they go home for the holidays.  Pray that they are safe and experience rest.  
  • Finals week is approaching, please pray that the students are not too anxious and that they stay healthy during this time!
  • Pray for our core to grow in friendship and that there relationships to God continue growing!
  • Pray for Jason and I as we continue planning our wedding and preparing for marriage!
  • Pray that Keep Focus Growing is a success and that God provides the money that we need.


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